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I work with my clients helping them reach their personal goals through one on one consultations or my
3 or 6 month coaching program. I work with my clients to help them find balance in all areas of their life as I believe that health as a whole goes beyond just what we are eating. We all have different needs so I work on a one to one basis giving each client a personal realistic approach to their health and wellness.

Each client has different needs therefore every client gets customized sessions!


In my coaching programs I support my clients in all areas of their life. We will go over any underlying health issues or concerns, assessing their current diet and giving guidance on making healthier changes that are easily implemented in their life. We work together setting achievable goals which are supported with any resources that are needed in order to work towards achieving them with ease. It is a self-discovery journey we take together to ensure success. We will deconstruct triggers that lead to negative patterns and behaviors then discover new positive patterns to replace them.

I encourage a nutritional diet which promotes eating foods that are abundant in all that is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. I will guide you through the plan if desired giving you the support and guidance to making transitions in easy manageable ways.

I will educate you on balancing your meals, healthy snacking, portion control, recognizing cravings and encouraging an overall healthy mind and body approach to food and diet.

Most of us are totally out of tune with what our body really needs

Whole health and wellness is more than just the food we are eating and various things outside of our diet can cause us to become unbalanced and unhealthy, therefore I consider stress, sleep, exercise, career, relationships, family, spirituality, and negative patterns when I am working with my clients and tackle any issues that show up in these areas.

Throughout the program we will assess your needs, dreams and ambitions while working towards to finding your path back to a healthy, balanced, joyous life.

To reach optimum health, we must assess your stress levels, sleep, exercise, relationships, work, your belief systems, patterns, habits and your surroundings

I will guide you towards making healthier choices

I will support you in implementing a realistic, sustainable lifestyle

I will assist you throughout your journey of self-discovery giving you the support.

I will direct you to the resources you need to fulfil your goals and ambitions

I will guide you in self-compassion, self-care and self-love


You will discover what food works for you, your body type and lifestyle

You will become knowledgeable about the body and mind connection

You will build a happy relationship with your bod

You will make mindful decisions when eating and generally in your life

You will become empowered to be the person you want to be knowing that anything is possible with effort you


All my clients are at different levels when they first set out, therefore the key element to my successful coaching is to meet my clients where they are and not where I am or where I think they should be. It is key to go at their own pace to ensure that lifelong results are achieved.

These are some of the issues I can help you with:

Weight loss/Weight Gain

Anxiety and stress



Fitness Goals

Emotional eating

Digestive issues

Balancing work and life commitments


Coaching sessions last 30 minutes and are in person or via Skype or phone. In person I prefer more time 45-60 minutes. Throughout the session we will set 3-5 small goals that are to be worked on between sessions and gradually build towards your overall health goals. The sessions are then supported with a summary underlining the main areas of discussion and any resources needed to help you reach your goals with ease. As you can see, I have your back in this and will do all I can to direct & motivate you to reach your goals with ease.

Cost varies depending on the program you choose. For more information, please contact me directly TiphanyAdams.TA@Gmail.com

My goal is to guide & empower you towards a joyous & productive lifestyle


My approach to a one-time consultation is similar to my coaching program but condensed and focused on your specific area of concern. You will complete a health history before our session which will give me a summary of your current health plus the concerns that you need support with. I will work with you providing guidance, advice, suggestions, tools and tips to help you. You will benefit immensely which is fully supported with any resources that you may need such as recipes, meditations, exercise advice, or simply someone to speak to openly about all going on in your life etc.

Sessions are 60 minutes and even though they are more condensed they are still highly productive and effective to give you the kick start to your health goals.

One Time consultation session is $150

3 month program is $599 weekly sessions

6 month program is $999 weekly sessions

I consult in person or via Skype or phone. Please contact me for more details.

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